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  • Target Latino - hispanic marketing

    more great advertising | Kiss FM radio launched an ad campaign with a play on the famous phrase from StarWars (Luke, I am your father) together with the music where a cassette confesses to an iPod that he is his father.

  • Chelsea Levin

    - (creatives, blog design, inspiration, tutorials, web design, cassette tape, advertisement, "iPod... I'm your father", Star Wars reference, red background, KISS FM 97.7, Do you remember?) -

  • Olga O'Reilly

    Funny ad for classic rock station KISSFM 97.7 - Like a good tweet, the ad clearly gets across their message (nostalgia) and is funny and #commercial ads #interesting ads #funny commercial ads

  • Nicole Mraz

    iPod. I'm your #funny ads #funny commercial #interesting ads #commercial ads|

  • James Mullen

    Old school...

  • Opal Phanpaka

    Print Ad of the Day: KISS FM 97.7: iPod..I’m your father.

  • Birdesen Ayrancı

    Star Wars, Darth Vader

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Ermahgerd! Lauren Davison Smith This made me think of you. Plus also, wanted to see about this whole tagging thing!