I would love this fish tank! (Silverfish Aquarium by Octopus Studios)

Fish tank

Fish Tank!


Not sure I'd ever do this - but it's awesome!

The Fish House / Guz Architects #space

Regular fish bowls are so 1980s. Creative fish aquariums are all the rage. ;)

I love aquariums!!

Self Cleaning and Self Feeding Fish Tank

what a good idea if i ever live in a place where it snows;)

Awesome river stone fireplace.

Here are some awesome home hacks, gadgets and accessories that I would love.

They have some great fun designs on this site. We have spoken of the value of both a suspended bed (rocking back & fourth) and the space saving idea of a Murfy bed from above... Unique hide away bed

Fish bowls that hang on walls? Yes please


Fish tank

Fish tank