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    Rugrats.. a childhood obsession of mine

    ahhh, I miss 90's Nickelodian! (When people gripe about Spongebob I always remind them of Ren and Stimpy!)

    Pepper Ann

    THIS IS THAT SHOW! I'm not the only one who loved it! Pappppy pappy drewit! He drew pappyland! Pappy DreWitt!! OMG! 35 Things You Will Never See Again In Your Life - memory lane. This made me wish the 90s were back! But I'm so glad I was a 90s kid!

    Smurfs...something banned at our house. And, how my little girl heart longed to know what I was missing out on! :)

    Hey Arnold!


    Meet the Jetsons...


    90s childhood cartoons | Watched almost all of these shows..power puff girls was my FAVORITE show!!!



    Garfield and Friends

    Popeye & Olive


    Scooby doo.

    Capitán Cavernicola

    oh yeah cant forget these guys!

    I loved rugrats when I was little!