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    How to PROPERLY respond when someone climbs through your window

    batman vs superman...this reminds me of the time 7 year old Waylon told his doctor that Batman wasn't a real "super" hero because he didn't have any "super powers"...and then proceeded to have a lengthy conversations with him about the short comings of the Justice League :)

    Haha yup

    The movies would have been done so much faster.

    Sorry, we can't hear you over the sound of our theme park. Harry Potter. Twilight. Lol



    The fact that so many people think that this is a good love story and that Edward is considered a dream boyfriend really depresses me. But this makes me happy, and I will now make any Twihard realize this.

    This Princess Bride shirt features the Dread Pirate Roberts mustache, mask, and bandana as well as the quote

    Live long...

    This is so funny! #funny #pics #cool #humour #men #hilarious #meme #jokes


    Anne Rice vs. Stephanie Meyer

    word. sorry HP fans.

    For real!

    Well played

    Princess Bride Alignment Table

    Accurate LOL

    She shoulda paid me to teach her how.

    That's awesomely hilarious!