Shelve It! 15 More Creative

Tea Cups & Books

cool book storage

book shelf stairs

book press


Book Shelf Wall

Books All Around. Bookshelves lining a circular room.

Still just a book in a gilded cage...

Bookshelf made out of books? Genius!

A walk-in closet for books

black bookshelves

bookcase Bedroom: Most parents want to surround their children with books, but most don’t take that advice quite so literally. This bookcase bedroom designed by Point Architects in Tokyo is a great example of a Japanese approach to space-saving interior design: why have walls or bookshelves when you can have both in one?

Pierre Chareau, Bibliothèque, Maison de Verre, 1931.

Book storage turning you into a nervous wreck? Reiner De Jong has a solution: REK, an expandable bookcase that expands to accommodate your book collection. Composed of 5 sliding sections that fit together not unlike a jigsaw puzzle, REK will enhance any decor scheme with its tough laminate finish (gloss white outside, satin grey within).

The Infinity Bookcase Dutch conceptual artist Job Koelewijn created this large-scale figure 8 bookcase to reflect both the infinite power of books as they relate to the infinite nature of knowledge. It’s hard to say how readers access the inner shelves of the bookcase… but with infinite time, someone will surely figure it out. The Blurred Bookcase Boo

bookcase styling

black shelves built into white walls... Not hard and very cool. Have you got many books?

HIVE SHELVING UNIT, Chris Ferebee/521Design, 1999, molded plywood | Quite clever bookcase design:) #ChrisFerebeeDesign #books #BookCase