's up!

Who knew Fast Food could be so Chic..?!!! I Wonder how much is this Happy Meal... lol.. =)

Coco Chanel Gun....I think this is definitely a NEED. So apparently, to edit the coco quote, a girl should be three things: class, fabulous and ARMED.

surf chanel

Chanel surfboard



The first teaser images of Gisele Bündchen’s Chanel No. 5 campaign are here - Vogue Australia


surfs up #ellemer swimwear

Pink play. Xk #kellywearstler

#Vintage Chanel Necklace jewels and baubles #2dayslook #new style #stylefashion

Nice Board


Purses. Purses. Purses.

Chanel - this one's a little better looking - or at least different from all the other Chanel bags. - I don't know - I don't get why they are so expensive - most don't have any compartments in them - are very dressy - this one's not bad looking though. Why do you want the huge CC on the front of your bag? - the small gold cc is okay.

Chanel Bag ~ Paris

chanel shoes

Love this scoop neck sweater, the color too!

Pretty pink shells