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    "Half our family does seem to owe you their lives, now I stop and think about it." Mr. Weasley said in a constricted voice. "Well, all I can say is that it was a lucky day for the Weasley's when Ron decided to sit in your compartment on the Hogwarts express, Harry"

    Harry Potter | 25 Snapchats From Hogwarts Professors

    Mirror of Erised

    That's so true. In the book, I didn't cry at first because I didn't think he was actually dead for like a whole chapter. In the movie, I knew it was coming, but didn't cry until I saw Harry screaming and Lupin holding him back. Just squelched my heart.

    Harry Potter will always have my heart ♥

    I am about to cry from perfection

    “Welcome to the Gryffindor common room.” – Percy Weasley

    15 "Harry Potter" Crossovers That Are Seriously Magical

    Oh my gosh, this cracked me up. I wish this had been in the movie!

    Could be debunked but still interesting. --A horcrux only affects a person if they wear it or have an emotional attachment to it. The Dursleys didn't want Harry to begin with. So they had no emotional attachment to him. Ron was affected while wearing it. Ginny was obviously emotionally attached. A horcrux doesn't effect everyone it encounters, otherwise all the people that were around Harry would have been affected- like Ron, Hermione, Sirius, & the rest of the Gryff's...

    Harry Potter - Madeline at Hogwarts

    Exactly ♥


    I wanna knowww!


    THIS video. seriously. made me cry. ♥

    When Harry Left Hogwarts - Deathly Hallows documentary . where can I purchase this film?

    Google Earth has Hogwarts!

    harry potter

    pretty sure I'm okay with that.