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    South by Numbers

    The South East.

    Love the south!!

    The South.

    from the south

    Football in the South

    •The South consist of 12 states Florida, Kentucky, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisana, Arkansas, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virgina and West Virgina. Note - - - parts of Texas are also considered in this region.


    "Made in the South" tee is really made in the South. @highcottonties

    Southerner. Love it! From Florida!

    The Noun Project is a free, online symbol library of the world's visual language that can be understood by all cultures and all people. via 3oneseven #The_Noun_Project #3oneseven #Language #Symbols #Pictogram #Icon


    Facts You Probably Never Knew About Dreaming Adikos

    Il-Bureau---#infographic---NEW-SLAVES #design #data #info #infographics

    Full Southern....Texas and Florida were not originally part of what is the "Old South"

    hahaha. Over Christmas break I said I was fixin' to do something and my cousin's gf (from Ohio) giggled and said "omg, I didn't think that was a real thing."

    Birds of a Feather infographic- Great

    I love the South!

    Design x Food - Infographic on Behance