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jennis - blurred and re-coloured self portraits

Artist Jennis Li Cheng Tien via The Jealous Curator Smith Smith Harmon these made me think of you!

Beautiful paintings that look like photos, from an Etsy artist, Tali Yalonetzki, via The Jealous Curator

Great way to develop your photography or experimentation skills by doing some projection photography. Could link it to hidden identity, disguise, alter ego/multiple personalities or expression. Li...

Projection Photography

Elle-photography inspiration Projection photography by Lee Kirby. This could be cool with places in a famous country and then the skyline in black and white

David Ryle - Multiple Images

This is the lovely work of London based photographer David Ryle, from a series quite appropriately titled Steam

"Determine the Method of Attachment," digital collage by artist to watch Jennis Cheng Tien Li | Read our Q&A with her: http://magazine.saatchiart.com/articles/artnews/saatchi-art-news/one-to-watch/jennis-cheng-tien-li

One to Watch: Jennis Cheng Tien Li

Paper 2013 Photography "Determine the method of attachment / Limited Edition 1 of 6 Fine Art Paper"

"These gorgeous, and very clever, portraits are the work of New York based artistNathan Manire. When you see them from far away {go on, get up from your computer and take about 10 steps back} they suddenly have shading, depth and detail… but up close they are just a bunch of lovely, washy dots. Just dots {that I completely love on their own too!}" The Jealous Curator

nathan manire - portraits, created using only dots of watercolor paint (T: self portrait idea?

Rich, colorful gouache and portraits of women… two of my most favorite things! Speaking of “two”,...

amanda senneby (The Jealous Curator)

image en positif et négatif Rich, colorful gouache and portraits of women… two of my most favorite things! Speaking of “two”,.