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Exactly! Add a few more series to this......*dumps Barnes and Nobles on top* there we go that just about does it

Postcard BE-20618 © Katja WEHNER (Artist, Germany) from glashelder (Scanner. Brugge, Belgium) via Flickr. Artist site: Book characters escape for a little adventure of their own while their reader naps -pfb :-)

The best medicine. That, and a cup of tea.

This is true. Yeah I have like over 200 books and i have already read all of them 4-5 times

There aren't many of these "Keep Calm" signs that I like - but this one I ADORE.

Frustrating - I think this might be a printed bookmark you can buy, but it was pinned from an image-only tumblr page, so I can't find out any details.

Love how this illustration says so much about books. www.strangehistor...

Every time I go to a book store, I feel like Gandalf trying to find information on Isildur & the Ring.

Life would be a vacation and you wouldn't have to leave the room

I really like this wall decal! It’s like the book holds all sorts of different treasures and beautiful...

Stray books, like stray animals, never just go away. Once you have one, you're in for life.