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Roger and Sue Bisaillon, "Chaos"

Biopunk. Jan Hilmer / Sequoia Emmanuelle -- model Blacklight

[ Image: A film still of a pale skinned woman with brown eyes and long dark hair. She wear a red scarf over a mostly leather ensemble in the style of the Wild West, and is holding a pump-action shotgun. ] Lizzy Caplan as Juliette Flowers

Strange way to use ice pack but nylon may work to help cold or hot compress stay on longer. Was thinking might work for eyes when allergy season is near. Not as shown here, but like an eye mask.

I have an obsession with masks all of the sudden!

Men's serpent head piece and mask. The Goblin Ball: Ember Rule, Melbourne, Australia. 14th June 2014

Body Mask (Det), mid-20th century Asmat people, Ambisu village, New Guinea, Papua (Irian Jaya) Province, Indonesia Wood, fiber, leaves, paint