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Santorini Island, Greece I'm gonna go here just like Lena from the sisterhood of the traveling pants:)

I would love to travel to Greece someday. I love how beautiful it is there. From the food, to the buildings, I want to see all of it. I'm always up for an adventure. Plus Greece is an amazing place to get inspired in the fashion industry.



✈ Explore the Greek Islands on Trip with Airfare

Integrating Technology to Support Differentiated Instruction: Santorini Greece

Update from our Greek Isles cruise aboard Fascinosa: Santorini is so beautiful! Amazing Glatt Kosher food, great customer service and the PERFECT scenery!

Ocean View, Santorini, Greece

Ocean View, Santorini, Greece The sea is truly this blue

Top 25 Attractions Things To Do In Greece ❤ liked on Polyvore

Greece, Santorini: The buildings in one of the most breathtaking greek islands with white washed housed, gorgeous blue ceilings, steep cliffs, beautiful beaches is a place I will love to visit!



Oia, Santorini - Beautiful place, had a fabulous holiday here!

Santorini, Greece. Would love to visit & no longer will it be just a painting I see in doctor's offices.

Santorini - Greece - Santorini is an island located in the Aegean Sea. It’s one of the most popular tourist destinations in Greece. This is definitely one place worth visiting at least once in our.


Santorini, Greece- an unbelievably beautiful place!

Santorini, Greece - 16 Top Spring Break Destinations #awesome

16 Top Spring Break Destinations

*** my absolute favorite place in the world that I've never been to! it's my dream vacation spot.

Bodrum, Turkey. Also has one of the clearest waters in the world

Mykonos island, Greece - on my bucket list


white gate in Santorini

Fira, Santorini, Greece

Santorini, Greece - would love to visit Greece someday

Inside the Catholic Cathedral situated at the Catholic quarter at Fira #Santorini #Greece

Santorini Cathedral, Fira, Santorini, Greece by Pedro Szekely

This is greece, the building are a bit overwhelming by how close, how many, how beautiful, how white and classy and how intimate this building structure is to the community. Could you imagine?

A TRAVEL BUCKET LIST part 1: 16 places to lose my heart before I depart

*** my absolute favorite place in the world that I've never been to! it's my dream vacation spot.

Beautiful sunset on the Santorini island tour - Greece . one of your destinations in Greece is Beautiful sunset on the Santorini island.

greece, greece, greece