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  • Marisa C

    This is too perfect. Multiple fandoms. Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Hunger Games.

  • Autumn Cheyenne

    Doctor Who Harry Potter and the Hunger Games roll call

  • Madeline Stevens

    (WHERE DO YOU EVEN PIN THIS?!?!?!) you wont get this unless you like #Doctor Who, #Harry Potter, or #Hunger Games..... The one about Rory is funny.

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Reese are my favorite candy! I'd get so fat after this considering I'd get like five and then throw up. But it would be worth it

21 Tumblr Posts Hilariously Hijacked By Fandoms. ... "I'm sorry we made that post about Doctor Who" TARDIS cake. Also... "look for a skinny and rather tall guy in your fireplace. and then make out with him. and then wait for him until you die because he will never show up again."

Amy: Rory Pond is flawless. The Doctor: I hear his hair is insured for 10,000 pounds. River Song: One time, he blew up an entire cyberfleet, just to save his wife. Hitler: One time, he punched me in the face. It was awesome.

Okay this is amazing. It's funny because this is what they actually call themselves too! Hahah

Greatness. Probably have pinned this already but it doesn't change how much I love it!! ♥

Somewhere out in the world there is a teacher who is in the fandom part of Tumblr during class.

Thanks Obama! Canadians love talking about Obama, like this isn't a joke. I got asked my opinion on him so many times

This is literally how I picture Jen and Liam's friendship.

Photo recreation done right…BAHAHA That is hilarious! jt