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Life is hard; it's even harder if you're stupid. John Wayne Love it.

Full of crap!

Funny pictures about Diapers & Politicians. Oh, and cool pics about Diapers & Politicians. Also, Diapers & Politicians photos.

quotes about not being treated right - Google Search

don t get confused between my personality and my attitude. my personality is who i am, my attitude depends on who you are

So true

Piccsy :: Completely Stupid

so true.my person is my sister and my crazy friends.

Super Swoon: Style & Inspiration from Paper Dahlia: Monday Moments : Not

ah yes, the main commandment "thou shalt not take shit"

Lol I thought this was funny!

personality vs attitude depends on you

Treat others how you would want to be treated. Think about it!

Sometimes I really wish Karma came in this life not the next! Treat people as you would like to be treated. Karma's only a bitch if you are

fric and frac detective agency : )  amen!  fric would be in a heap of trouble without frac's keen detective abilities!  ha!  :)

A little Inspiration - Never underestimate a Girl's ability to find things out!

Go to Target

Smile and Take a Deep Breath: My Word Love

When all else fails, a little retail therapy at my favorite store always helps! by jenifer. i could not agree more! during my first years in philly- i did target therapy all of the time.

My mother ALWAYS confuses these two! Same with the roommates! ...lulz.

I need to remember this for next time I'm arguing. umm I mean explaining