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    Pole Dance Tutorial with Mina Mortezaie : Dolphin Roll off the Pole.

    Learn to do this.... Cuz it's just crazyyyy how they do that

    Pole Fitness -- poleXposure, Miss Pole Dance UK 2011, Jess Leanne Norris by Taranuk, via Flickr

    Pole Art - Jasmine by hannah elizabeth photography, via Flickr

    Think I'm going to practice this tonight

    The one girl at the strip club made my entire night. So much talent. My first stripper crush :( lol

    Basic Butterfly by Mary AD, via Flickr Pole dance

    Pole Dance Tutorial : Climbing The Pole

    mark 3:58. I love her one handed chair into a split. Her style is super sensual, but l like that. The confidence shows throw.