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Plan ahead - take a thank you picture!

25 Share-Worthy Wedding Photos

Any kind of thank you's! Wedding Thank You's. Have your photographer take a picture of you holding thank you sign. make postcards to use as thank you cards for wedding gifts.

Wedding Photo Idea-- Perfect Thank-You Cards

This would make thank you cards super easy. I wish we would have either used a wedding photo or set up something with a thank you sign. Cute idea for thank you cards!

Nice idea to use as your thank you cards!

take a Thank You card photo on the day of your wedding! Have the note cards made up to send out your thank-you's.

That's one excited groom, I hope my future husband is that happy on my wedding day.

This is how you know you're marrying your best friend. I want my Future Husband to be this excited on our Wedding Day (:

This is really what I've been looking for, for eighteen months, 6 days before game time

These Diagrams Are Everything You Need To Plan Your Wedding

Wedding Check List - Here is every minuscule thing you need to keep track of, basically.

Country wedding photo idea super cute my ladies and I would definitely do this!

love the color of these dresses, the cowboy boots theme, and the overall picture idea!

I absolutely need this picture! Awesome! - love that movie too haha

Bridesmaids bridesmaids movie theme for a wedding picture. But if you look on the side of the girls on the bottom you can see that its not all covered,so its either a green screen or wallpaper!