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{Blue Knitted Dog Snood} totally want my dog to wear this, even though I know she would never let me put it on #pet girl #Cute pet #pet boy|

Boston Terriers are slimmer, lighter, and taller than the French bulldog. They are never just one color. French bulldogs are usually completely white, fawn, or brindle.

Boston Terrier, " can somebody help me, I want some of that birthday cake but my tongue's in the way!!!

Boston Terrier puppy~OMG ❤️ this little face ❤️❤️

Cute little Boston terrier puppy flying through the air. ::: "I got out the door! Run for it!!" Lorr

"Welcome Home! I did nothing wrong. Please don't look in the kitchen." <3 ~ Dog Shaming shame - Boston Terrier

How to take christmas tree pics with lights in background... This is very interesting! We could do our own Christmas card pics.

Such a soulful, captivatingly cute little black and white puppy face. #boston_terrier #cute #puppy #dog #pets #animals

bostons! <3

Plz like, comment or repin my stuff:) it would be appreciated . follow me << This little cutie reminds me of my very own Boston Terrier. My little one also have half a face white, with one blue eye. I'm too stinking cute!!

Boston terrier sleeping on the moon / Lynch signed folk art print. $12.99, via Etsy.: Goodnight Puppy, Boston Terrier Art, Goodnight Moon, Bostons Terriers, Boston Terrior, Boston Terriers, Boston Terrier Nursery

boston <3

Boston Terrier puppy here to find out more

If you ever want to get me a gift, and are unsure of what I'd like, anything Boston Terrier is a pretty safe bet.


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Because I love my Boston Terrier more than most people love their children.

Makes me smile :-) #dog #puppy #pets #animals

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