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Mr sketch markers!! Loved these in 1988!

Scented markers -- Art class in elementary school and lime, lemon, orange, and grape scented markers. Yep, there's nothing like encouraging kids under twelve to inhale marker fumes by making them smell like fruit.

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Xenon, back when we thought the future could actually be like this

Cedaslapedias, it's Zenon: Girl From the Twenty-First Century ! Zoom zoom zoom, you make my heart go boom boom, my supernova girl :D can you guess that I LOVED this movie?

Every time I won!! It did once and I was a very happy 8 year old.

...they never did though...

Funny pictures about How I spent my childhood. Oh, and cool pics about How I spent my childhood. Also, How I spent my childhood.

Grew up in the 80's and/or 90's - Click image to find more Humor Pinterest pins

You might be a kid, if. I just had flashbacks to my childhood. I miss old school Lisa Frank. Also, my Beanie Babies aren't worth the millions I thought they were going to be.

Whistle Pops

candies -whistle pop- one of the coolest suckers. It sucked when you got one the whistle pop was broke :(

Getting down and dirty with Elmer’s: | 50 Things You Will Never Be Able To Forget

50 things you will never be able to forget kids) I definitely coated my hands in Elmer's glue just to peel it off.must see this list. So TRUE

Bonbons Pimousse, vignettes auto et Super Poulain...

38 photos qui vont réveiller de lointains souvenirs chez tous les Français

35 things you will never see again.man I wish I still had my lion king spoons that changed colors!

Put a hole in the ozone in middle school with this stuff.

Super Hold Aqua Net - Last summer I was getting ready for a wedding, and I realized I was out of hair spray. I had Matt pick me up some, and he comes back with aqua net! I cracked up laughing, but my hair stayed put all night.

A Freshly Opened Box of Crayola Crayons   :) There was no better feeling as a kid.

A freshly opened box of Crayola crayons. I love that smell. I remember the jumbo ones my mom bought me and I remember my first 64 box that my grandma bought me after I had my tonsils out in Kindergarten!


multicolor pen, and yes I did try to pull 2 colors at once all the time

snoopy colorforms

Be a Kid Again ~ True Blood Paper Dolls

i had this exact set and i remember making up a story using the Charlie Brown colorforms as the storyboard and my grade teacher let me read it in front of everyone.