Take what you need..

if you don't like....

done. Mark 11:25. <3

This is nice..

The key


Yoga for the mind – Gandhi’s Top 10 Fundamentals for Changing the World. Check out this blog post and the others at my website http://www.ianrodwell-limited.com

The ability of yours to turn these small character drawings to readable words and data in your brain is all thanks to your Occipital Lobe.

"Be inspired and you shall inspire." ~ JD It is in my opinion better to learn from your failures and to take too much risk than to avoid making mistakes and taking no risk at all. After all the biggest mistake you could ever make is being afraid to make one. http://beinspiredandyoushallinspire.blogspot.com/

never take a moment for granted...

Love this! Posting this up for my kids!

So true



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If you want something you never had then you have to do something you never done. : quotes, motivation, inspiration, just do it

true quote (everyday for me hahaha)