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old aspirin tins, remember these ?

old aspirin tins, remember these? My mother always had tin in her purse.

I had this exact swing set as a kid.too funny.

Thankfully tools have come along way. We at Denise Sharpe Hair & Beauty are here for all your needs. Booking lines are open 301 907 6810

Scotch Hair Set Tape - 1968 - Cheryl Tiegs The end of pin curls

Loved this!!!!....b♡

Creepy Crawlers Thing maker - I can still remember the smell of the heated goop.

Loved those days!

Nothing made you happier than seeing this when walking into a classroom as a kid. And now as a teacher nothing makes me happier than seeing this in my classroom still!

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I had a couple of these growing up.

Retro, vintage, trendy, and hippy style handmade leather barrettes, braid holders and leather hair accessories. Each handmade leather barrette is handcrafted by Old School Leather Company.

Vicks cough drops ~ what every cough and cold was treated with.

3 Nos Vintage Packs Vicks Cough Drops.We could buy these in school bookstore. We ate them like candy!

Ceramic Christmas tree lighted with small plastic bulbs - 8 inch size | TeresasCeramics - Earth Friendly on ArtFire

Ceramic Christmas tree lighted with small plastic bulbs - 8 inch size

Does anyone remember their mom or grandma proudly displaying one of these beauties for Christmas? Was my favorite Christmas decoration! We had 3 of them that my mom did in her ceramics class!

Years ago.  Good old 45 records

45 RPM records with a stacker = big time! I've still got a slew of 45 records and a record player to play them on.

#children #aspirin #medicine #memories tasted like candy!

Bayer Baby Chewable Aspirin - before baby aspirin became the lethal poison that it is for today's children.

Who remembers this chewing gum as a kid

Gold Rush Bubble Gum by Topps. I used to get this at our local Woolworth dime store.

Lots of Memories | You Got to be Kidding's Blog

Lots of Memories

Comb damp hair Part into small sections. Wind each curl around your finger smoothly. Pin each curl in place with a bobby pin. In the morning remove pins and gently finger comb your hair.

Vintage 1960'sToy Corning Ware kid's cookware, new in package #CorningWare I remember getting these from Santa! :)

beautiful toy dinner set, complete with coffee perculator.

Oh My......I Do!

square dancing in gym class - OMG - I remember that. We had to square dance and learn folk dances: greek, jewish, and others I don't remember. we were always dancing like zorba the greek

Assorted cereal pack-grandma always bought these for camping trips.

this was really a fun treat!