• Brittany Barto

    matching hand anchor tattoos #tattoos #matchingtattoos #anchortattoos

  • Kelli Henderson

    maybe not anchors, but cute couples tattoo idea. I want a couple tattoo..after I'm married

  • Jasmine White

    anchor tattoo, hand tattoo, matching tattoos

  • Tattoos Addict

    See more tattoo ideas on http://tattooswall.com/couples-anchor-tattoos-on-hands-052.html Couples Anchor Tattoos On Hands #052 - http://goo.gl/awqYJc #052, #Anchor, #CoupleTattoos, #Couples, #Hands, #On, #Tattoos

  • Lyndsey Loo

    You are my anchor tattoo. Would NOT suggest getting a tattoo on this part of your hand though! Lil sis got one and it's almost completely rubbed off even after two touch-ups.

  • 💋Markita💋

    Cute Couple Tattoos Anchor

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