Guilin Scenery.  China.  by Helminadia Ranford.

Guilin, China “Guilin Scenery” by Helminadia Ranford A long winding river

yangshuo, china Beautiful#amazing

Yangshuo, China >> The amount of beauty in this picture is almost unbelievable, it is so breathtaking!/ I do sort of want to go to China.not high on my bucket list, though. Maybe after seeing these pictures it will move up closer to the top.

Long and winding roads (or paths as may be)

I heard you like roads

The unknown path just gets wilder and more beautiful as the journey unfolds. So much adventure in an unknown path

St Croix Lake, South of France we are definitely white water rafting here...

In St Croix Lake, Les Gorges du Verdon, Provence, France. The Gorge du Verdon is an amazing drive in western Provence. We didn't get to go on the water, but look up Castillon as the main entry point.

A romantic view showing the sunrise at YangShuo in China.

A romantic view showing the sunrise at YangShuo in China.

Fly Geyser, Nevada.

Fly Gyser, Black Rock Desert, Hualapai Valley near Gerlach, Nevada. Beauty even in desert places. I love you, God!

Beijing, China

Beijing, China lets get down to business, to defeat the Huns! Did they send me daughters when I asked for sons?