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    Fallow Deer-amazing

    Jacob ram sheep

    Leaping Mountain Goat, Colorado

    Real! - The Saiga is a critically endangered antelope which originally inhabited a vast area of the Eurasian steppe zone from the foothills of the Carpathian Mountains and Caucasus into Dzungaria and Mongolia. The saiga is recognizable by an extremely unusual, over-sized, flexible nose structure, the proboscis.


    Dall Sheep - The Dall sheep (originally Dall's sheep), Ovis dalli, is a species of sheep native to northwestern North America, [Yukon, BC & Alaska] ranging from white to slate brown in color and having curved yellowish brown horns. Its closest relative is the more southern subspecies, Stone sheep

    Cabra Montesa....


    "Tufted Titmouse in Spring" by Allison Trentelman


    spider with ibex

    Endangered Flare-horned Markhor, national animal of Pakistan

    Wow. The real climbers. | Most Beautiful Pages

    Amazing photo

    Himalayan Tahr - Goat

    ♥ National Geographic Award Winning Pictures

    Spiral-Horned Markhor Goat

    Barking Deer #provestra

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    ram, Scotland