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  • April Webb

    My Circuit Leg Workout Dumbbell Bench Step-ups - 15 each leg Dumbbell Walking Lunges - Up Back Dumbbell Sumo Squats - 15 Dumbbell Stiff-Leg Deadlifts - 15 Jump Squats 15 Leg Extensions 12 Leg Curls 10 Rest 1-2 minutes Repeat this circuit 3-4 times.

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!!!!!!!!Scent of a woman .... the quintessence of female fitness

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Fitness motivation.. her body is amazing... this is my goal! It might take me a couple years, but I will get there.

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it's not easy for everybody, some are naturally born to be thin and some have to work HARD.

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It's up to you decide what kind of workout you will have today. PUSH HARD #fitness #motivation #workout

She is beautiful, fabulous and strong, but don’t measure yourself against her. Don’t think for one mirco-second that the shape of her body or the shape of yours, brings you any more, or less value.