Yes it is. For two hundred years my folks then and now have been finding ancestors. Sometimes the ancestors help out... ;-)

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My TOP 7 TIPS For Finding Old Photos of Ancestors ~ Teach Me Genealogy

~ Love this quote by Elder Russell M. is soooo true! ~

Wordless Wednesday: We are the storytellers of the tribe #genealogy #familyhistory

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Tips for Finding an Ancestor's Death Record

Tips for reading old handwriting on #genealogy documents.



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Some Genealogy Records Have No Names - We get so used to searching for people in our family tree by name, that it might not even occur to us to search for them without a name. Join Crista Cowan as she shares some specific examples of instances when people are not recorded by name. She'll share search tips and tricks so you can find those records. Then, she will show you how those records are still of great genealogical value.

You might be surprised by how many photos of your ancestors you can find here.

Beautiful Prayer for Genealogists - Teach Me Genealogy

Search for your ancestors in these free digitized American biographies, genealogies and history books.

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