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great way to introduce a topic...lay out butcher paper with pictures of the upcoming unit...let the kids write questions/comments about the pictures

Binder Stand. Useful for centers, etc ~ allows for quick changes in center options. How have I not thought of this already?!

Four unfinished wooden crates from Michael's ($12.99 each), spray painted white, tacked together and then bolted to the wall. Genius!

Are your mornings crazy and unpredictable? It's time to settle into a morning routine that sets your students (and you!) up for success!

Curtains for my classroom from cheap plastic table cloths! NO SEW! Thank you!!!

I've done this many times, but I've always done it old school; have students write something nice about each of their classmates at the end of the year and put it into wordle

First week of school idea!

Interactive Notebook Bundle for First Grade - 549 pages! $

A playlist for morning arrival in your classroom. Upbeat/fast/exciting music gets our kids awake and helps them start the day in a more energetic and alert mood! Great classroom management tool!

Carly's PE Games - Lots of videos with instructions for integrating academic concepts into PE games.

Classroom Organization Ideas

Working 4 the Classroom: It's a Balancing Act

'Tower of Books' is a fresh alternative to your stuck-in-a-rut reading log. 2-D and 3-D versions, with lots of reading list options! ($)

Would You Rather? | Asking students to choose their own path and justify it

Your Teacher's Aide: Using Floor Tape In Your Classroom

Little Stars Learning: Our 25 Activities of Circle Time

Got caught reading snapshot display or bulletin board # Pinterest++ for iPad #

I divided two horseshoe shape tables into 4 sections. Gave each student a spot with their name tag and a strip of velcro to list their work ...

These Home Depot aprons are only 77 cents and make for great desk organizers when tied around a chair. | 29 Clever Organization Hacks For Elementary School Teachers

put a picture of an author at the top and then pictures of book covers they have written.

Use electrical conduit to make custom sized curtain rods, towel bars, etc. Paint it to match your project and add finials. Brillant and cheap!

This classroom looks awesome! So many different pictures of all the little things in her room

Fall Into First: No, David activity for beginning of year class rules

Classroom DIY: Whiteboard Tables. Great guide on converting your wood tables into amazing whiteboard tables.

Monday Made It: Colored Sterilite Drawers - Mrs. Dows little Owls Nest