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5 Homemade Face Wash Recipes

Everyone knows how important making a good first impression is, and looking your best at all times is one of the most crucial aspects of doing so. To facilitate that, there's often a lot of focus on hitting the right weight, wearing the nicest clothes,...

Results: Continuously Clean Toilet for 10 Months and Counting...No Cleaning!

This toilet hasn't been scrubbed for 10 months and counting - the permanent solution for toilet bowl ring.

olive oil vinegar dispensers !! - You can also fill them with laundry detergents, flour, or anything else you can think of !!

Magnesium and Sea Salt Spray for Skin- Wellness Mama

Sea Spray for Skin. Many people seem to notice reduction in acne and a clearer complexion from the use of salt on the skin. Most often, salt is incorporated in salt scrubs for the skin, but this gentle Sea Spray can be left on to continuously nourish the skin. The minerals in salt can also help tighten skin and reduce wrinkles.