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Today, we often hear reports about problems with our food supply. Salmonella and chemicals make food safety a problem. As concern grows about...

God does not promise a good life for my children here on this earth. In fact, He may even call my children to face persecution. How can I, as a faithful Christian mother, prepare my children for the possibility of persecution?

Do you can to preserve your garden harvest? Check out our blog and let us know what you can and why. (Other than to have food this great to look at on your kitchen shelves.)

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Repel Mosquitoes : My Secret Weapon That Actually Smells Good

It seems like every day we hear of another baby being born with complications from the Zika virus. Cases have recently been reported in the United States. It’s no longer something that only “other people” need to worry about. Lazy summer evenings sitting on my deck are one of my favorite ways to savor a slow summer. Don’t let fear of mosquitoes keep you indoors this year! Use this secret weapon.

Fengmen Village, Qinyang City in Henan Province, China - hundreds of buildings from the Ming and Qing dynasties are scattered and abandoned throughout the village where old paths and an ancient battlefield can be seen. Backpackers that have traveled through the area have reported hearing strange noises and shouts. Some feel faint when they step into the village, while others say that they've been mysteriously directed by an unseen force to an old house furnished with a coffin in the center…

AMAZING!!!! Pelosi, said we MUST pass Obama (2733 page) Healthcare bill BEFORE we will know what's in it. WHY!!!??? Another idiot! Too many to count. Don't they hear themselves? But a drink is a BIG deal. How do they stay in office?