Chris Johanson Untitled (I think I cant stop thinking) (2004) Acrylic on paper 27,9 x 21,6 cm

Me? Aww, Oh, yes thank you!

sfmoma: ianstevenson: Eat More Art - Ian Stevenson I think our friends at Blue Bottle would appreciate this :)

Chris Bivins

This is a visual metaphor for a guy who's an insomniac. He has had sleepless nights counting sheeps. The flock of sheep and his face are more indications of him just counting a lot of sheep to try and get some sleep.

A whole lot of thinking / Iva Spasojevic

Death Cab for Cutie | Transatlanticism #lyrics #song #music #typography #art #poster #illustration #quotes, #quotations, #sayings


love this sweet print from prettylittlethieves

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How beautiful it is to stay silent when someone expects you to be enraged. Need to remember this!!! #quotes #life #youthnotebook #ynb

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National Boards--- overthink everything and then get told you are wrong--- breaks your brain! No more..

so hard to see

You heard the skull. Create or Die! from Ryan Frease

somedays it sure would be nice to response like that

the science of...

Halle drew carefully the hand before scribbling all over it. Her life was too messed up for her to care.

Sometimes I feel bad my life isn't busier. Like everyone else is hustling and crazy busy, maybe there is more I should be doing. But sometimes I just need to remember this.

Sometime, little too chatty ; )

Is what you are doing today getting you closer to what you want to be tomorrow? #motivational #quote