Absolutely beautiful, and sad. If you are a lover of history and/or literature, you may cry.

British Museum in London, Greater London

Interior of Westminster Abbey, London

Westminster Abbey in London, Greater London

100 Great British Walks. Fountains Abbey, Yorkshire.


A great place to learn about British history!

British Library in St Pancras, Greater London

Westminster, London

I could easily get lost in this place!

Westminster Abbey in London - history sculpted in stone and glass, my favorite place in London

Tower of London in London, Greater London

Westminster Abbey: one of the walls in Poets' Corner by The British Monarchy, via Flickr, memorials to our greatest poets

At the Museum of Natural History in Bern, Switzerland

Istanbul, Turkey

Butchart Gardens, Victoria, Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada •

Old Salem, Massachusetts - Been once and loved it so much I could see myself living there. Too bad I can't boot the historical society out of The House of Seven Gables ;P

The London Eye in London, Greater London