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  • Chellie Hailes

    Westminster Abbey - London, England UK

  • KC

    The iconic spires of this historic abbey have enchanted visitors for hundreds of years, and Pinterest is keeping the interest alive. Source: Courtesy of phoenixrising91 via Pinterest

  • Sarah Smothers Rigdon

    A visit to the resting place for many great British citizens

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sooooooo many dead poets and writers and sooooo many stories!

Spend some time exploring the British Museum. Some famous items include the Rosetta Stone and the Elgin Marbles.

British Library in St Pancras, Greater London

I was here once for about five minutes...I would love to go back and spend more time.

Westminster Abbey in London - history sculpted in stone and glass, my favorite place in London

Tower of London in London, Greater London. Есть интересные скульптуры от Кендры Хейст.

Westminster Abbey: Poets' Corner by The British Monarchy, via Flickr, memorials to our greatest poets

A trip when I was little to see Great Aunt Martha. Man that woman was funny. I wish you could see my little girl. RIP