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  • Yanely Castellon

    My friend and I used to sing 'Frozen water fetus' RIGHT to the beat of 'Ice Ice Baby'. Funny stuff.


    More Joseph Ducreux pix at: #josephducreux #lol #funny #meme

  • Genevieve Barnes

    Best of Joseph DuCreux Memes - ice ice baby

  • Betty Chin-Wu

    Joseph Ducreux Memes 99 problems "I hath ninety-nine difficulties, nary a wench among them"

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Snuffy is party rockin' Kalli Sandberg Harris all i can think of is when we went to cassi's recital and then got frozen yogurt. and tom. oh tom. lol. oh and that AMAZING dance party after!

And people ask me why I don't drink...please refer to crazy drunk girl in photo...and there you have it!! LoL

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