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  • David Beagin

    SEASONAL – SPRING – a time for blossoms and colorful flowers to make an appearance, the cycle of renewal and rebirth among nature continues with the blooming of the cherry blossoms in washington d.c., photo by mollyt.

  • MostlyCooking

    Cherry Blossom Walk, Washington #DC photo by mollyt

  • Jerusha Dunham

    Cherry Blossom Walk, Washington, D.C. I'm a sucker for Cherry Blossom Trees, besides, wouldn't it be cool to visit Washington DC?

  • Geneva Langenwalter

    Cherry blossom walk Washington D C

  • Ez Breezee

    Cherry Blossom Walk, WashingtonDC beauty of Nature

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I've actually seen the Washington DC cherry blossoms. The whole city is covered! It's amazing!

FlickrFree Sweet Spring Blossoms Creative Commons by Pink Sherbet Photography on Flickr*

Cherry Blossoms and Monuments by Chuck Robinson, via Flickr | I hope to someday visit DC during the festival.

I'm not sure what kind of tree that is or why it's blooming alone in the mist, but it's lovely.

I want this tree in my yard. Also, I want an apple tree and some fruit trees/plants :)


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Nothing like blossoming trees to take your breath away.