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Awesome photo of Polar bear and diminishing icebergs ~ we must at least try to stop destroying our magnificent earth!

Let's all work together and try to get a control of global warming, the polar bear is losing it's natural habitat and is close to extinction because of the doings of humans.

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Melting Iceberg

Iceberg in summer, Northwest Greenland - © Bryan & Cherry Alexander Photography / ArcticPhoto

Iceberg in Antarctica. // The.Pin.Source (also see: http://www.flickr.com/photos/wbekkema/3468933677/ )

A: Icebergs. They are really blue not white".I was told by a ships captain daughter who takes people as close to icebergs as possible near the Antarctic.

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Regilla ⚜ Una Fiorentina in California — wolverxne: Goodnight Polar Bears ~ by: Tin Man

our-amazing-world:  Polar Bears Amazing World

Bear families are super cute, with the mama bears taking care of the stumbling cubs, and the cubs fooling around.

National Geographic Polar Bear Tracks

Photographer Paul Nicklen :: Huge footprints reveal a polar bear’s path on Svalbard, Norway’s Arctic archipelago. Fur grows even on the bottom of a bear’s paws, protecting against cold and providing a good grip on ice.

10 Fun and Interesting Facts about the Earth's Oceans

10 Fun and Interesting Facts about the Earth's Oceans

Beautiful day

Beautiful Mother Nature: polar bear takin a dip as a beautiful rainbow appears.

This picture shows global warming to me because the polar bear has barely any ice left and is about to be in the water which shows how it was melted from heat.

Icebergs are polar bears natural habitat, and with global warming these icecaps will be melting.

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Aurora Borealis swirls across the sky over a polar bear standing on a Canadian Shield Rock Image Credit : Patrick Endres

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This picture makes me feel sad for the polar bear as it stands on a small block of ice and its only companion is its reflection. goes to show how global warming is slowly killing polar bears one by one.