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  • Candace Bejune

    Fav movie as a kid

  • Lori Padgett

    Flipper ~ Childhood Memories

  • Lisa Dees

    I remember watching the TV show "Flipper". I loved this show.

  • Nancy

    I really intended to grow up & swim with my own dolphins. after I was a ballerina. and a cowgirl. and a secret agent. and a teacher. and an author. and a crosser of mountain ranges. and a bareback rider & trapeze artist. and rescuer & defender of all the animals in the world. (still working on that last one. sigh.)

  • Renate Wolfe

    Flipper - I had a crush on the boys. My sister and brother and I made up our own TV show, The Swimmin' Kids, loosely based on Flipper. We even had our own theme song. "We're the Swimmin' kids yeah yeah. We always get our man." I believe we were swimming detectives. RW

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Does anyone else remember that extraordinary noise Flipper used to make while hurtling backwards into the sea at a huge rate of knots? Then again...perhaps I imagined it it was a long time ago!

Flipper - Did you like Bud or Sandy? I'd have to go with Sandy!

Flipper--This is the show we watched when we got our first color t.v. I remember my mother adjusting the color...the water was so blue.

flipper. Loved this show! Nothing could be better than to have a dolphin for a pet.

Flipper and Bud and Sandy! Loved that show, my daughter did too, she swore flipper lived in her closet LOL

good wholesome entertainment

Flipper - I loved this show as a kid. Then I saw the documentary "The Cove" and saw how Flipper was really treated and it made me incredibly depressed.

Flipper (TV show) they call him flipper, flipper faster than lightening, no one you see is smarter than he.

Bewitched was my Favorite TV Show. I loved the magic and twitching of the nose and everything seemed to turn out OK in the end. I can remember a lady coming to our small 2 roomed flat where my family of 5 lived when I was 8 yrs old (now 56!). She was completing a door to door survey on what TV shows the family liked best. How times have changed!

Small Wonder -- TV Show from '80s. I knew this sitcom about a regular family with a secret robot daughter, wasn't merely a figment of my overactive, pre-adolescent imagination!