The Nursing Student, created by chichild

Nursing attire*, created by jessica-clem on Polyvore

Very cute if I still worked in peds!! Neriah would like it :)

6 Etsy Shops for Nurses and Nursing Students

Nursing Student

In Progress: The Essential Items All Nursing Students Should Have

Top 10 Funny Nursing Student Quotes:

Hey NURSE (Blue) Retractable ID Badge Holder - Nursing Student, RN, Gifts for Nurses, Nurses Lanyard, Thank You Gift on Etsy, $10.95

how to create your "brain book"---I'm not in nursing school but I love this idea for other things.


Posturing | Nursing Mnemonics and Tips... this website is awesome!!! All nursing students and nurses should check it out

Top Ten Ways to Spot a Student Nurse 10. Takes everyones vital signs 9. Personally feels symptoms of every disease covered in class 8. Gets calls for diagnoses from family and friends 7. Considers macaroni and cheese to be a gourmet dinner (for myself, and not for others.) 6. Carries aspirin for headaches 5. Takes coffee intravenously 4. Sleeps standing up (or at least would be wiling to) 3. Doesn't remember what weekends are 2. Wears white shoes after labor day 1. Hears call lights even at home

Scrubs style


Classy Black & Turquoise Nurse Scrub Set, created by samanthanurse on Polyvore

Good for nursing students!

Quizes for nursing students...this will be useful for me someday!!

Nursing Student

Nursing School Nursing School Nursing School

If you can read this, you might be a nurse!