New York c. 1900. "Chinatown--Mott Street."

New York City circa 1900. "Jewish market on the East Side."

The insane mess of telephone wires over New York in the 1880′s, only a little more than 10 years after the telephone was first patented…

Prince St, NYC c. 1900

The Great Blizzard. New York, 1888.

The drugstore, 1913

Gilded Age Italian Immigrants at, 5364 Mulberry Street, New York City c.1900

New York circa 1905. "Broad Street exchange and curb brokers." 8x10 inch dry plate glass negative, Detroit Publishing Company

NYC. Fifth Avenue: 1908.

View Down Broad Street

Changing street lamps 1910's style.

Detroit, 1916. "Park Boulevard canyon."

What a wonderful photo! The enlarged version (click on pic) offers so much to see. One of my favorites thus far! New York circa 1905. "Fifth Avenue after a snow storm."

Central Park, New York, 1940s

U.S. Times Square, New York City, 1944

Celebration on Wall Street upon the news of Germany's surrender in World War I. November 1918. Photograph by W.L. Drummond.

New York City, c, 1900

Fifth Avenue. 1900.

New York circa 1902. "New East River bridge from Brooklyn." The Williamsburg Bridge under construction. Detroit Publishing Company.

Manhattan Bridge Under Construction, 1901-1910, New York City

New York City, Broadway: 1910