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Yoshida, Kameido Bridge ~ did you know that the idea of their round bridge is to create a perfect circle with the reflection?

The Troll is a mixed media statue, located on N. 36th Street at Troll Avenue N., under the north end of the Aurora Bridge, Seattle,WA . It is clutching an actual Volkswagen Beetle sporting a CA License plate. The Troll was sculpted by four local artists: Steve Badanes, Will Martin, Donna Walter, and Ross Whitehead. He is interactive—visitors are encouraged to clamber on him or try to poke out his one good eye (a hubcap). The Troll is 18 ft high & weighs 13,000 lbs.

Half Moon Bridge, 1941 Tōshi Yoshida From WIki: ”Tōshi Yoshida (吉田 遠志 Yoshida Tōshi?, July 25, 1911 - July 1, 1995),

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A stunning bridge with an impressive use of light squares, this is sure to impress anyone walking or driving underneath it. the use of simple geometric shapes to create a stunning look and strike a feeling in someone is amazing.