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    • ipang gading

      Cheetahs are among the few big cats that do not roar. Cheetahs communicate through a series of chirps, barks and hisses. Every cheetah has their own distinct "voice". Cubs learn early on to distinguish their mother’s “chirp” from that of another unrelated cheetah. Mothers use a series of distinct "chirping" sounds to locate her cubs in the tall grass or to call her cubs to her.

    • Chris De Bretagne

      The cheetah is not only the fastest cat but the fastest running animal on earth at speeds up to 75mph. They are beautiful, graceful, wild cats.

    • Barb Allen

      10. Animal being naughty ~ This little cheetah cub must have done something bad, his mama is giving him quite a scolding!

    • JB pop-Eggs

      "Well I don't care what Tyson's mom lets him do. You are MY cub and if you think I'm just going to sit back while you gallivant all over the savannah then you've got another thing coming. You. Home. - Now!" (Animal Antics ~JB pop-Eggs)

    • Carolann Sinclair

      Photo byAndrei Gudkov This looks like another Mom telling baby DO NOT GO out of my sight when we are out hunting. Because I said so..................

    • DianaDee Osborne Songs / Osborne "INK"

      Rough day of parenting? Apparently also for this cheetah (or is it leopard?) who seems to be yelling at the seemingly calm cub, "How many times I gotta tell you???" Though if you look closely, it does seem as if the baby's soft fur on its head is being blown backwards by Mom or dad's breath!

    • Natalie Gorvine

      Awww - getting scolded. The cheetah is not only the fastest cat but the fastest running animal on earth at speeds up to 75mph. They are good mothers who protect and feed their cubs for up to 2 years. Life is tough for a cheetah cub - lions, and hyenas, leopards, and sometimes male cheetahs all are extremely dangerous for them. Only 1 in a litter of 4 is likely to reach 1 year old. [previous pinner's caption]

    • Canine Master

      This cheetah cub did something to irritate Mom! Photo by Andrei Gudkov

    • Brittany Terry

      Animal Parents And Babies Will Make Your Day Better (PHOTOS)

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