Cute CC blog with skip counting songs

LET'S COUNT 1 2 3 (Song for Kids ♫)

Fitness Songs (playlist)

The Number Rock (song) for counting 1-20

▶ Climbing Up This Mountain (Counting by 10s up to 100) - YouTube

This is a 1-20 counting song, but it also throws in less than and more than. I like it because the number of shown in correct order like a number line.

A 22 sec. transition song to the carpet ...

Add Em Up (counting/addition song for kids)

Writing Numbers Song

Compound Words Song

Skip Counting By 2 Song - Beginner

And Song

Numbers in the Teens (They Start with a 1) (song for kids about teen numbers) - YouTube

Herding Kats in Kindergarten: 10 of the Best FREE Kindergarten Math Videos

Counting by 2's

Great K-1 Number Concepts SmartBoard Activities

▶ Counting Songs for Children 1-10 Numbers Song Kids Toddlers Kindergarten Preschoolers Number Animal - YouTube

▶ The Thermometer Song (song for kids about temperature) - YouTube

To Song

I love counting songs. In this great kids video, we count to 100 and exercise. This is a great math song to start your day with, as a brain break or use it during indoor recess. PE Teachers will love it too as it emphasizes physical education and aerobic exercise.

SHAKE BREAK- great to play when kids need to shake out the wiggles (Song for Kids ♫ 1:27)