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  • Agence Design Project

    I-TYPEWRITER by AUSTIN YANG Vous voulez rire?" /Are you kidding ? Curator : Benjamin Girard/agence Design Project - Biennale Internationale Design Saint Etienne.

  • Dani Tô

    iTypewriter is a typewriter for the ipad. Made by Austin Yang. For some specific group of users, this product provide an easier way to type on the ipad. People could be able to recollect old experience and memory by familiar appearance and haptic feedback. Instead of stroking on the screen with no feedback, this product can reflect a strong haptic feedback. User can experience the physical strength transfer from the keypad and the movement of each key."

  • Remy Eynard

    iTypewriter by Austin Yang #iPad #Typewriter #OldSchool

  • Jaime Diaz

    AustinYang, um designer industrial de Edimburgo, criou um novo acessório para o ipad: o itypewriter. Combinando a recente tecnologia com a incorporação de objetos vintage, o designer transformou o teclado da clássica máquina de escrever numa base para o ipad. Simples de usar, basta apoiar o aparelho e começar a escrever. Para Austin, materializar o peso histórico e sentimental dos produtos é mais importante que o seu design

  • SFU Ceremonies

    iTypewriter - 15 Gadgets Worth Giving To Nerds

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