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Hi ladies, I hope your weekends are all going well ♥ We will now do Rays of Sunshine. Please see my examples. Not Sunrise or Sunsets.....pins with actual sun Rays in them. Artwork is fine as long as it follows the theme. Happy Hunting, gals ♥

.stones and rocks in a stream nice green deciduous hardwood forest, tall trees, a shaft of sunlight on the leaves, grass, forest bushes and creek -- one of my personal favorite types of natural settings

bluepueblo: Mossy Stairs, Perthshire, Scotland photo via jami Warm autumn sun rays casting their brilliant twinkle on a mossy forest path Lace your fingers through mine and take a walk with me ~Charlotte (PixieWinksFairyWhispers)



Ancient greenery.....

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The 30 Most Beautiful Nature Photography

glorious sunlight over misty forest. This is beautiful! The wonder of our great and awesome God displayed for the world to see.