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I feel that I've pinned this before, but who doesn't love Shaun?

This entire movie was created for the sole purpose of making food puns

This just became the best slide ever. THAT'S IN LOUISIANA!!!!!!!! Schweet

Favorite part of the movie!! Michelle Wanstreet and Taylor Morris :) Thought you'd enjoy this

"I'm Adopted" "What!? Oh my God! Who told you?!" Favorite movie parents ever. Plus a good movie. #EasyA

I wish I could write like this movie's writers. The story between Anastasia and Dmitri is beautifully done.

Even though we thought it was Vivianne for a good long while, this is still the number one best Bridesmaid quote of all time @Taylor Ballard

Best part of Easy A :)--- another really good part is where she comes down the staircase acting like a southern belle.... really funnny movie!

"would you like to stay for dinner?" "would you like to stay forever?" Best. Part. Of. The. Entire. Movie!

The real, unDisney-fied the whole series in order: it's practically perfect in every way?

If you remember this movie them you more than likely quote this part of the movie every time you see it lol.. I know I do!

Twilight Drinking Game Rules: 1. Drink 40 shots when you press play so that you can die before the movie starts. Jacqueline Comforte Lisanne Scannicchio