Once I find the perfect clock- A Moment in Time Forever Changed. Then you add husband and wife name and the time they got married and then underneath add the kids names and the time they were born.

My new entryway. Clocks with each of the kids time of birth.

What a lovely and unique idea! Stop the clock when the baby was born. :)

I want to put this on our back door for my family to see every time they leave the house.

stop the clock when your babies are born a moment in time changed forever! #Diy home design

Use plate hangers to display photo albums. I actually think this is one of the best ideas I've seen on Pinterest...what a great way to keep them.

LOVE this idea!! Perfect for the wall that i have no idea what to do with

No more cluttered fridge. ♥ Change out as often as you want.

The best of times - clocks stopped at the times they were born

This would be such a amazing way to show off the kids and the times and days they where born. Also to show off when you got married, would never want to forget these moments. Such a great idea... Definitely would do this..

Kids Art Display I bought some clipboards from the dollar store and spray painted them a dark silver metallic color {sorry - it didn't actually have a color name on the spray can}  It was kind of hard to get a picture that truly shows the color but it really does have a true metal look. Using my fabulous, punch through anything, Crop-O-Dile, I punched a hole in each corner and added some screw brads {I have had these forever but I have seen them fairly recently at Michaels}  Yo...

Pick up a letter at Hobby Lobby or craft store; paint it your color; add house numbers!

This page is just phenomenal--there are at least a dozen examples of photo arrangements for wall spaces.

Simple and practical. Love it!

Backpacks and papers organized by cork framed boards... Love this!!!!

Can't remember if I've already posted this. It's worth a double-pin.

Done by painting glossy details in exact same paint color over flat base. Love this subtle touch!

Missing socks! Love this!

love this so much

Corner frames for the "corner" Love it!

Great picture wall via @HomeGoods but I wanna do it on the bedroom walls, like a his and hers