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Eat up to 7 Colorful Fruits and Vegetables a Day... AND... eat Juice Plus and get 22 fruits and vegetables in one day!!!!

Catch a Rainbow - Fruits and Vegetables

Eat a Rainbow every day! If you can't eat 9-13 servings of fresh, raw, vine-ripened fruits and veggies, ask me about Juice Plus+.

9 Ways to Sneak in Veggies

Do you wish your child would eat more vegetables? Excelent tips on how to sneak those healthy veggies into their diet! 9 ways to sneak in veggies @Sam Hammond Confident of This

Homemade Cheesy Chili Dip

Cheesy Chili Dip - this version of the game-day favorite is MADE FROM SCRATCH! No processed cheese or canned chili - just fresh, flavorful ingredients. 250 calories. | #chili #dip #gameday #appetizer