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You know it's early.. .when even your coffee is surprised....

Most of couldn't face a morning–or afternoon, for that matter–without a cup of liquid energy to keep us going. Did your favorite writer feel the same way? Here are some great coffee quotes from famous authors.

WANT: Giant coffee mug that allows me to drink from it like a trough. #nomnomnom

World's Largest Coffee Cup? This crazy cup can hold up to 160 ounces of coffee - or the equivalent of 20 regular cups!

sleepy head

The internet is full of hilarious perfectly-timed photos – so many, in fact, that we figured we might be able to make an entire post solely out of hilarious perfectly-timed dog photos.

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Start of a New Day

Simon & Garfunkel song /lyrics is actually about black coffee: "Hello Darkness my old Friend, I've come to talk to you again.

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Things I like about coffee, things I like about you. (via) The “things I like about you” list needs to be a lot longer, but this is a good start.

i really have a problem :)

I can't even feel my face anymore! Good morning coffee :) bahaha reminds me of our morning convo!

Good morning ^_^ woke-up in such a great mood, let's start this beautiful!! But first my coffee! ;)

good morning coffee, steaming cup of coffee - love - yummy - delicious

Yeah, I can still drink coffee! Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Keep Loving Your

Sleeved! My favorite barista will find this entertaining I hope. Haha.

"When I went to Starbucks for coffee they lied. It wasn't Starbucks, it was Five bucks!" The old Townhouse won't lie to you, Our coffee is only Two bucks.

Quick guide to various countries.

Lost it at Russia.

Funny pictures about Why People Run In Different Countries. Oh, and cool pics about Why People Run In Different Countries. Also, Why People Run In Different Countries photos.


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