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Vertical garden! I want to do this next year.

5 Best Container Vegetables: #Organic_Gardening #Top_Garden #Best_Garden #Garden_Decor #Garden_Ideas

great idea

DYI: 39 Container ideas and tells you what is planted in them!

Grow Your Own Container Gardens. You don’t have to have land to have a garden full of healthy food. Container gardens can exist in just about any spot that gets good sun, such as a patio, deck or balcony. In fact, some say that a container garden is easier to maintain than a conventional garden. Containers, both traditional and self-watering, allow you to grow just about anything you would normally grow in the ground on a patio, deck or balcony. #containergardens #smallspacegardens

Container gardening

Don't worry! if you have limited garden space,here is a list of 15 best and easiest vegetables that you can grow in a pot or container

35 Herb Container Garden Ideas

Grow your own tea garden!

Growing UP!

Don't throw your eggshells away. They are great for the garden in so many ways!

stacked herb garden... would be so cute out on a balcony or indoors in the winter :)

Just what we need at the beginning of the growing season! Five ways to compost your scraps for better garden soil.

what a great idea

Fresh Ideas for Growing Vegetables in Containers

Vegetable container gardening

You don't need a big herb garden to grow and harvest home grown herbs! See how to easily grow herbs in a container garden! We show you the best herbs to choose for your container garden and how to care for them throughout the summer so you have fresh lavender, cilantro, basil and mint! An herb container garden is the perfect solution for anyone who lives in an apartment.

i'm a container gardener on the roof already...this is cool.

Growing vegetables in container