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Fizzy "Toilet Freshener Bombs"

Keep your toilet bowl deodorized and fresh between cleanings with these all-natural easy to make toilet bombs.

10 Filthy Things You Never Thought About Cleaning

These 10 COMMON items little are a breeding ground for germs. Clean as often as possible, especially if your little ones !

How to Clean Your Keurig

How to Clean Your Keurig - should be done every 2-3 months (or when you notice your coffee amount keeps getting less & less).

How to clean black mold from bathroom sealant -

- great news for home sellers (and spring cleaners staying put in their homes). How to clean black mold from bathroom sealant # cleanshower -

Life Changing Cleaning Tips & Tricks

Life-Changing Cleaning Tips. Some I like, others not so much. Discover which ones work best for you.

How To: Make Your Stainless Steel Sink Shine

Cleaning Stainless Steel Sinks has always been a pet peeve. Once it was discovered how clean and shiny they REALLY could be, the OCD about keeping them that clean....hasn't stopped. And why not when it's so simple to do? Click through the jump to check out how to use common household items to clean even the dirtiest sink naturally and in under 5 minutes.