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Mom always said.by photographer Jason Lee, more creative pictures of his daughters

Pix by Jason Lee--How the Kids Caught Santa (behind the scenes)

How the Kids Caught Santa! (8 pics)

The Stir-The Chaos That Is Motherhood in 12 Hilarious Photos

The Chaos That Is Motherhood in 12 Hilarious Photos

When photographer Anna Angenend' s friends were preparing to send their preschool-aged kids to.

Have your cake....

Sisters Wedding photographer Jason Lee puts his own spin on everyday moments in the lives of his daughters. The result is irresitibly adorable.

Dave Engledow; küçük kızı Alice Bee ve "world's best father" kahve kupasıyla sevimli fotoğraflar çeken/çekilen yine sevimli bir baba ve fotoğrafçı. Karelerde kızıyla görülen tüm tehlikeli eşyaları ve durumları photoshopla yarattığını belirtelim.

Seoul Food: "If I'm to finish my lunch of spicy kimchi, long peppers dipped in ssamjang, and a bowl of Shin Ramyun Black, Alice Bee had better hurry up and refill that water dispenser.

Aïe !

Un papa déjanté fait des photos insolites

Sunburn (by Dave Engledow): "Even with a private cabana, beach umbrella, sun hat, and Alice Bee to help apply sun screen, I still got completely fried at the beach." Part of the 'World's Best Father' series staring model (and daughter) Alice Bee.

I've been robbed........ by jwlphotography, via Flickr

Uncle Sam got us good : ( _________________________ Strobist: Shoot through umbrella/speedlite above camera right. Shoot through/speedlite direct left. Silver reflector below.


Wedding photographer Jason Lee has upped his cool dad status by taking some awesome photos of his own daughters over the years. Both girls come up with most of the ideas and he helps put together the creative scenes filled with a bit of humor.