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STOPPING AT NOTHING! Everyone should stop what they are doing NOW! And go to youtube and watch Kony 2012. It is a life changer

Starving babies forced to be soldiers for reasons they can't comprehend against their kin. We must stop this.

Joseph Kony is the world’s worst war criminal. Since 1987 he has been leader of a rebel group called the Lord’s Resistance Army. The LRA is encouraged to rape, mutilate, and kill civilians. It has earned a reputation for its cruel and brutal tactics. When Kony found himself running out of fighters, he started abducting children to be soldiers in his army or “wives” for his officers. In 26-years the LRA has abducted more than 30,000 children and displaced at least 2.1 million people.

Poverty, defined differently for many people and it affects people differently, I just hope though that like the reflected innocence of the child people never forget about just being happy and appreciate what they do have no matter what your financial stability may be

A young Aboriginal child photographed at the Garma Festival 2008 | by Cameron Herweynen , via Flickr

Top 10 Bracelet Tutorials - Best DIY Friendship Bracelets - Favorite Stylish Wrap Bracelets | Small for Big

Pleaase STOP Child abuse. Please don't turn away and decide you don't want to be involved. Whether it's emotional, physical or any abuse, please report it and make it stop. That child will be forever changed and you can make a difference in their life. Stop the damage now before it's too late. I know the effects because no one stepped up to stop the monster who terrorized me. Please don't let children be abused.

This has been an issue for a long time. No one person is going to stop it, nor is one person alone responsible for stopping it but if we can raise awareness and bring light to what is happening, we can bring hope to these children. In the end hope is all any of us really has anyway.

Pygmy child in the UNESCO World Heritage Dja Faunel Reserve, Cameroon