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  • Venice Lancaster

    "Story Time" - James Christensen Saw this in a friends home today. Amazing

  • Elisabeth Fullmer

    Timpanogous Storytelling Festival! Painting by James Christensen

  • Jayne Ayre

    Once Upon a Time - James Christensen I have this one in my living room and just love it :)

  • Carma Morris

    Story Time - James Christensen - My most favorite picture EVER~~~ biggie-size it and check out all the details!

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This one graces our entry hall. I can statre at it for hours. James Christiansen - Once Upon A Time

Once Upon A Time by James Christensen - first saw his work in a gallery when I was 16 and I still love it!!!

James Christensen - The Listener by Hidden Ridge Gallery, via Flickr

So . . . what's with the goose because we all know that the best thing in a dark forest is to have a goose!

The deeper she went into the woods, Eiren found herself less and less afraid. The place that had been poisoned on her mind revealed itself to be the most beautiful.

"Losst in Dreams" by James C. Christensen In mythology, winged creatures are often messengers of the gods; they are a symbol of freedom and spirituality and a character having one wing is said to be lost in dreams.

Cecilia by James Christensen -в благодарность ВЕЛИКИХ СОБЫТИЙ В НАШЕЙ ЖИЗНИ СЕМЬИ и Политики СЛАВЯ БОГА! выбрал Мне мой Муж-MIKHAIL DMITRIEVICH PROKHOROV/FORBES,ПОЛИТИК партия "ГРАЖДАНСКАЯ ПЛАТФОРМА"в благодарность-СПАСЕНИЕ 8 сент 2013 от КРАХА ДЕЛ ПОЛИТИКА и бизнесмена. 10 ИЮНЯ -ТРЕТЬЕ ПОСЛАНИЕ БОГА ! из 18 что даровал МНЕ БОГ -ИЮЛЬ 2012И 2Я МЕССИЯ БОГА !/ -ЭЛЕН ЕЛЕНА SVE HELENA PROKHOROVA 10.07.2014

'Living Water' by James Christensen:::hey fellow ANGEL lovers! i started ANGELS 2, this board is full. Please see new pins there and please have patience with me as I switch some over! Thanks and blessed be

James Christensen - Burden Of The Responsible Man by Hidden Ridge Gallery, via Flickr